Accessing Your Accounts at SimpleGameHosting

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You have two main accounts at SimpleGameHosting - billing and panel. These accounts are completely separate and have two different passwords. This is a quick look at each account, how to get your login info for them, and how to ensure that you can access both accounts. 

Game Control Panel Account

The game panel account can be accessed by clicking here. This is where you will be able to get the IP address to join your server, add modpacks, plugins, and make your Minecraft server your own.

Creating Your Game Panel Account

The SimpleGameHosting game control panel account will need to be created after you purchase your server. 

You can do this by checking your email and locating the “Account Created” in your Inbox after the purchase.

In the email, there is a "Setup Your Account" button. Click this to be taken to the a page where you can setup a password for the SimpleGameHosting Game Panel. 


 When logging into the game panel, you will use this newly created password and the email address you entered during checkout. 

⚠️ Check out the complete guide on accessing the game control panel for additional help!

Billing Account

You can access your billing account by clicking here. This is where you can manage the payment side of your server including upgrading your server, changing your payment method, and canceling your server.

Creating Your Billing Account

This SimpleGameHosting billing account is created during checkout when you purchase your server. It is automatically created when your server is purchased and no action is needed for creating the billing account. 


Getting Started with Your SimpleGameHosting Server

Now that you have access to both accounts, you can get started with your server. Below, is a video guide on everything you need to know about getting started with a SimpleGameHosting server.

📓 Prefer a text guide? We have a complete text guide on getting started as well!
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