How To Upgrade or Downgrade Your Server Hosting

3 min. readlast update: 04.22.2024

Do you need a boost in performance? Maybe you aren't utilizing all of the resources your server has. 

Well, whether you want to upgrade or downgrade your Minecraft server hosting, the process is the same. Let's jump into it!

🚧 NOTE: Be sure to refresh the Panel after upgrading/downgrading and restart your server after to reflect the RAM changes. 

Step 1: Login to The Billing Area

First things first, we need to login to the SimpleGameHosting Billing Area. This account was created during the purchase process when you bought your server. You can reset your password if needed. 


Step 2: Access the "Active Products/Services" Section

Once you have logged into the Billing area, you will see a section called "Your Active Products/Services." This will list out any of the active server subscriptions you currently have. Click on the server you wish to upgrade or downgrade or hit "View Details."  


Once on the Manage Product page, you will see a green button to "Upgrade" your server. 


💡 This will take you to a page where you can either upgrade or downgrade your server, depending on what you're looking to do. 

Step 3: Upgrade/Downgrade Your Server 

When you land on the Upgrade/Downgrade page, you will see all the available options for your server. From here, you can select which package you would like to have moving forward. 


 🛑 There are two options - monthly price & quarterly price (both shown in a per-month format). Selecting a '3 Month' or Quarterly package will charge for three months up-front. 

Keep in mind that discounted pricing does not apply to upgrades. You will be charged the full monthly or quarterly price. 

Select the new option for your server, and hit the "Choose Product" button below the displayed price. 

Step 4: Pay Invoice - For Upgrades Only

⚠️ You MUST pay the generated invoice in order for your server to upgrade.

From here, you will be shown the price due today in order to upgrade. This is a prorated amount based on the unused portion of the current plan and the price of a new plan for the same period.


Select the payment method you wish to use (Debit/Credit Card or PayPal). 

Hit the purple "Click to Continue" button to open the invoice. Here, you will see a breakdown of the amount to upgrade. In the top right corner, follow the checkout process. 


Once the invoice is paid, your server will automatically upgrade within a few minutes. 

Step 5: Joining Your Upgraded/Downgraded Server

In some cases, you may need to get your IP address again. This can be done by logging into the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel and selecting your server. 

Then, click the IP address on the panel, and it will copy. You can then paste this into Minecraft to join your server!


💬 Do you still need help upgrading/downgrading your server? Reach out to us via Live Chat in the bottom right of this page, and we will help you out!
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