Getting Started with Minecraft at SimpleGameHosting

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Congratulations on purchasing your new SimpleGameHosting Minecraft server! This guide will show you everything you need to know to get started with your Minecraft server as well as where to go if you want to take things up a notch in terms of customization and improvements for your server. 

Accessing The SimpleGameHosting Control Panel

First things first, we recommend accessing the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel.

This is where you will be able to manage your server, get the IP address to your server, and so much more. 

When you purchase your server, look for an email with the subject "Account Created." It may be in your spam folder.


Open this email, and click the button that says "Setup Your Account." This will take you to a page where you can create a password for the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel

Getting Your Server's IP Address

After you have logged into the control panel, click on your server to select. 


You will be taken to the "Console" tab, where you will see your server's IP address. Click the IP address to copy it. From there, we can join your Minecraft server.


Joining Your Minecraft Server

With your server's IP address copied, you can now go to Minecraft. 

Then, from the Minecraft main menu, click on "Multiplayer". 


Select the "Add Server" button at the bottom of the Multiplayer menu. 


Enter whatever you want into the "Server Name." However, for the "Server Address," paste the IP address you copied from the control panel. 


Click "Done," and the server will appear in your Multiplayer Menu. Double-click your server to join it. 


Customizing Your Minecraft Server

After you have joined your server, you may want to customize it and make it your own

🔗 Luckily, we have a complete guide on customizing your server. That covers everything from server icons to changing the server's message of the day to even customizing your server's seed. It's all there!

You may also want to install mods or plugins on your server. Here are links to our guides on those. 

👉 Get plugins on your Minecraft server

👉 Add mods to your Minecraft server

Accessing Your Server's Files

The easiest way to access your Minecraft server's files is to use the File Manager. This can be accessed via the control panel.

Once in the control panel, select your server, and click the "File Manager" tab. All of the files and folders your server has can be found here. You can also use the "Upload" button in the top right to add new files.

📁 You can also access your files via SFTP, which we have a complete guide on if you would rather use that instead of the File Manager. 

Getting Support for Your Minecraft Server

While we try to make running a Minecraft server as simple as possible, in some cases, you will still need some help. This is where our support team comes in.

📝 Knowledge Base

Before checking anywhere else, check the Knowledge Base. There, you will find hundreds of articles specifically on running a Minecraft server with SimpleGameHosting. Everything is customized for our panel and services, and our goal is to create extremely comprehensive guides. 

👋 Live Chat

If the Knowledge Base doesn't have what you are looking for, reach out to our Live Chat support team. They are here to help with any issues you have and are found on every SimpleGameHosting page in the bottom right of the screen.  

💬 Discord

If you want help with configuring plugins or other more specific issues in regards to managing a server, we have a community Discord that is here to help. 

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