How to Make a Prominence II Server

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In this guide, we will show you how to make a Prominence II server! We recommend 10GB for the modpack to run smoothly. This is due to the modpack being very RAM intensive due to all of the RPG mechanics.

👉 How Much RAM Will This Modpack Need?

The amount of RAM required for a modded Minecraft server depends number of players. Modpack servers usually aren't designed to have more than 5-10 players at a time. Because of this, the below guide assumes no more than 10 players max on a server with a modpack. 

⚡️ If you are experiencing lag or crashing on your server after installing a modpack, it is most likely a RAM issue. Upgrading your server may be needed. You can monitor RAM usage on your Panel

Step 1: Log Into SimpleGameHosting Panel


To get started with switching Modpacks on your server, you first need to access the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel. From here, log in to your account with the information you set up after purchasing your server.  

Step 2: Make Sure Your Server Files are Empty

You will need to delete all the files currently in the file manager. This will delete your current world. We recommend you make a back up, here's a guide how to do that.

Click the box on the top right to select all the files, then click delete at the bottom of your screen. This will delete all the current files.

Step 3: Head to the Modpacks Tab

Once in the modpacks tab, search for Prominence II, we will be using CurseForge for this example.

Choose which version you would like to play and click "Install".

Step 4: Download Prominence II from an installer

Select the browse tab in Curseforge and type in Prominence II in the search bar

Click "Install" and wait for the installation to be complete.

You may need to increase the RAM usage since it is a larger modpack

To increase the local RAM, go back to your "My Modpacks" tab and right-click, then select "Profile Options"

Uncheck the "Memory Settings" box and select the amount of RAM you would like to allocate. ~1000MB = 1GB

With that, you're finished! Play Minecraft using the Prominence II modpack in CurseForge. Then, from the main menu, join the server just like you would any other Minecraft server. You can find your IP server address on the "Console" page in the control panel. 


If you have any questions about your server or need additional support, reach out to our Support Team!  
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