How to Play Minecraft Modpacks from CurseForge

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If you're looking to play a modpack such as DawnCraft, BMC, or others, you will also need to install the modpack locally to join the server. This article will go over downloading the CurseForge app for your computer and installing a modpack to your computer so that you can join a server. 

Guide Outline:

  1. Downloading CurseForge
  2. Add Minecraft to Launcher
  3. Install Modpacks on CurseForge
  4. Launching & Playing Modpacks
  5. Tips/Troubleshooting
📌 Note: EVERY player on the server will need to join using the same modpack & version on CurseForge. Otherwise, they will not be able to join.

Step 1: Download CurseForge

The first step you'll need to take if you wish to connect to a modpack server is to head to the CurseForge website and download the CurseForge app for Windows or Mac. 


Once you're on the official CurseForge Website, you should see a button in the top right corner of the page that says "Get CurseForge App." Click this, and you'll be taken off to a page where you can download the official version of CurseForge for your computer. 

Once you download the app, it should automatically place the installer in your Downloads folder on Windows. From there, launch the installer and open the CurseForge app. 

On macOS, a .dmg file will be placed in your Downloads folder. Open this to install the CurseForge app and follow the prompts to add the application to your Applications folder. Once installed, open the CurseForge app.

Step 2: Add Minecraft to CurseForge Launcher

Once you open the CurseForge app, you should be taken directly to the home page. This will display all of the current games that you have that work with CurseForge. If you don't see Minecraft, click the greyed-out logo, and hit 'Locate Game.' This will allow you to select the Minecraft application so that the app will work properly. 

For most people, the CurseForge app should automatically locate the Minecraft application. 

You'll know Minecraft is working properly with CurseForge when you see the icon in the sidebar. Select the Minecraft icon here to be taken to the pages where you can manage modpacks.

Step 3: Installing Modpacks on CurseForge

With Minecraft selected in the sidebar, you should see the "Browse Modpacks" tab at the top of the screen. Click that to begin browsing modpacks. Likewise, if you have a specific modpack in mind, you can search for it in the search bar at the top of this page. 

🛑 BEFORE YOU PROCEED: In order to play a modpack on your server, you need to ensure that the version you install matches the version on your server. If the versions do not match, you will not be able to join the server. 

Matching the server version and the local game version is fairly straightforward. In order to match the server version and local version, you can head to your server panel at

Once you log in to your panel, head to the "Modpacks" page in the menu bar. 


If the pack is already installed, you will see a version at the top next to the "Uninstall" button. This guide shows BETTER MC [FORGE] 1.20.1 V12 HF, meaning that the version downloaded from CurseForge on my computer needs to match that version. 

Go back to the CurseForge app on your computer and click on the modpack you want to install. Do not just hit the orange install button without verifying the versions first. 

When the full modpack page loads, you should see a tab that says "Versions" below. When you click this, it will open up a full list of all of the versions the modpack offers. 

Find the version here that matches the version on your server and install it.


Step 4: Playing Modpacks from CurseForge

Once the modpack is fully installed, head back to the "My Modpacks" section on CurseForge. Hover over the version you just installed, and hit the orange "Play" button that appears. 


Connecting to Your Modpack Server

Once the modded Minecraft launcher opens, hit play as you normally would to launch the game. You may need to check a box that states you understand the risks of playing a modded version of Minecraft. Click the checkbox, and you should be able to hit the green play button to open the modpack. 

Once the game launcher, hit "Multiplayer" on the main menu. From there, hit the "Add Server" button to add your modded server. 

Head back to your server's control panel on From here, log in to your account and copy the IP address in the top right corner of the "Console" page. 


With the IP address copied, head back to the modded Minecraft game. Paste the IP address into the "Server Address" box. 

You can name the server whatever you wish, as this is local to your computer. 


Hit "Done," and you'll be taken back to the Multiplayer page. 

You can now connect to your server. You may need to hit "Refresh" to ping the server again if the information doesn't automatically pull. 

👋 From this point, you're ready to start playing your Modded Minecraft server!

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Dedicating More RAM to Minecraft Modpacks

On the CurseForge launcher, hit the Settings icon at the bottom left of the app. From here, select "Minecraft" under the "Game Specific" section. 

📌 A good rule of thumb for how much RAM you should allocate to Minecraft modpacks is to match the amount of RAM your server needs to run the modpack. 

Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you will see a section for Java Settings. Here, use the slider to increase the amount of RAM Minecraft can use. It's important to not over-allocate RAM. Find the right balance for your computer based on the amount of RAM your machine has. Generally, 6-8GB is plenty to run a modpack locally.

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