Minecraft Server RAM Calculator

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How much RAM does your Minecraft server need? That is one of the most important questions to answer when purchasing a Minecraft server

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First, here is a quick list of how much RAM you need for each type of server. We break things down in more detail below. 

  • Vanilla Servers: 4GB
  • Light/Medium Modpacks: 6GB
  • Heavy Modpacks: 8GB
  • 10-20 Plugins with 5 Players: 4GB

Vanilla Servers

When you don't want modpacks, plugins, or individual mods on your server, it is called Vanilla Minecraft. The biggest factor in how much RAM you need for a vanilla server is the number of players you expect on the server. 

📝 If you are playing vanilla Minecraft, we do recommend switching to PurPur. This will allow you to get more players on your server with less RAM due to PurPur increase your server's efficiency. 

RAM Required Based on Player Count

  • 2 Players: 2GB
  • 5 Players: 4GB
  • 10 Players: 6GB
  • 15 Players: 8GB
  • 20 Players: 10GB


Servers with modpacks are, by far, the most resource-intensive Minecraft servers to create. For this reason, it is important to think about the modpack you want and the RAM needs for each modpack before purchasing your server. Though, you can always upgrade later if needed. 

Generally, the amount of RAM a modpack needs is dependent on the number of mods in the modpack. However, taking player count into consideration is also worth doing. 

RAM Required Based on Mods

  • Less Than 100 Mods: 4GB
  • 100 - 200 Mods: 6GB
  • 200 - 300 Mods: 8GB
  • 300+ Mods: 10GB
⚠️ Note: In modded servers, each additional player can add between 100MB to 250MB of RAM usage to your server.


Plugins are much more efficient than any type of modded server. This is because plugins don't add any items or mobs to Minecraft, instead adding features through commands, additional menus, and customizations that take advantage of vanilla Minecraft's features to create entirely new experiences. 

👋 All of these assume you have five players on your server. Due the increased efficiency provided by PurPur, which is required to run a server with plugins, each additional player will increase your RAM requirements by about 100MB.  

RAM Required Based on Plugins

  • 0 - 5: 2GB
  • 5 - 15 Plugins: 4GB
  • 15 - 50 Plugins: 6GB
  • 50 - 75 Plugins: 8GB
  • 75+ Plugins: 10GB

Individual Mods

While not as common as modpacks, installing individual mods can be a great way to customize a server while keeping things light and more manageable. Keep in mind this is assuming five players on your server. Any additional players will require more ram. 

RAM Required Based on Individual Mods

  • Less Than 100 Mods: 4GB
  • 100 - 200 Mods: 6GB
  • 200 - 300 Mods: 8GB
  • 300+ Mods: 10GB

"Vanilla" PurPur Servers  

The most efficient Minecraft server you can make is a PurPur server without any plugins. This will give you a vanilla Minecraft experience while getting all of the lag reduction perks that PurPur offers. For this reason, we recommend using PurPur on your server if you want a vanilla server. 

RAM Required Based on Player Count 

  • 5 Players: 2GB
  • 10 Players: 4GB
  • 15 Players: 6GB
  • 20 Players: 8GB
  • 30+ Players: 10GB
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