How To Install PurPur on a Minecraft Server

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

PurPur is a fork of PaperMC that takes Minecraft server optimization to the next level. If you want as much control as possible over the performance of your server, PurPur is the way to go. Not only does it have a ton of customization options to increase server performance, it also has all of the lag improvements Paper adds to Minecraft servers as well. 

So, let's go over how to add PurPur to your server with SimpleGameHosting. 

Step 1: Accessing the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel

To get started, you will need to login to the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel. This is where you can completely manage your Minecraft server. 

If you haven't logged into the control panel yet or need a refresher, we have a complete guide on accessing the control panel that you can check out. 


Step 2: Locating The Versions Manager

After you have logged into your server, we need to locate the Versions manager. Start off by selecting the server you want to install PurPur on. 

Then, click on the "Versions" tab in the menu bar. This will open the Versions manager where you will be able to easy change the version of your Minecraft server. 


Step 3: Installing PurPur on Your Minecraft Server

Once you are in the Versions manager, click the drop-down box in the "Version selector" box towards the top of the page. In this drop-down box, select "PurPur".


The available versions of PurPur will appear. The version numbers here represent the Minecraft version that PurPur is for. 

To install PurPur on your Minecraft server, just click the "Install" button under the PurPur version you want.


A warning will appear letting you know that some files will be removed from your server when you add PurPur. 

⚠️ You may want to consider backing up your server if you are concerned about losing data.

Click "Install" on this pop-up, and PurPur will install on your server. Once it is complete, you will see a "Version changed successfully" message at the top of the Version selector. 


Step 4: Starting Your Server with PurPur

Now that PurPur is on your server, go back to the "Console" page, and click the "Start" button or "Restart" button. This will start your server. 

🔗 You can now add plugins and optimize your server to get better performance with PurPur!
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