Important Commands to Know for Minecraft Servers

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When it comes to managing a Minecraft server, there are a few important commands that everyone should know no matter what. In this article, we are going to be looking at the most important commands you should know for your Minecraft server. 

We are also going to be looking at Paper/PurPur specific commands in case you are running a server on Paper/PurPur with plugins

Commands for All Minecraft Servers

Every Minecraft server has these commands. This is because they are vanilla commands, and all server software has access to them. 

🖥️ Server Management

  • /op {username}: OP a player on your server. This must be done from the console unless the player already running the command is OP’d. Being OP’d on a Minecraft server gives a player access to all commands. Only give this to people who will have full control over the server. 
  • /deop {username}: Remove OP from a player.
  • /gamemode {gamemode} {username}: Change the game of the specified user. Options are survival, creative, adventure, and spectator. 
  • /difficulty {difficulty}: Change the difficulty of your server. Settings can be peaceful, easy, normal, hard.
  • /list: Get a list in chat of all the players connected to your server.
  • /tell {message}: Broadcasts a message to all the players on the chat. 
  • /stop: Can be ran in game or in the server’s console. This must be ran in order to stop your Minecraft server properly. Using the /stop command ensures everything is saved on your server.

✅ Whitelist

By “whitelisting” your Minecraft server, you can control who can join it based on their username. 

  • /whitelist on: This turns the whitelist on for your server. 
  • /whitelist off: Run this to turn off your server’s whitelist. 
  • /whitelist add {username}: Add a player to your server’s whitelist. 
  • /whitelist remove {username}: Remove a player from your server’s whitelist. 

🚫 Server Moderation

Minecraft has a ban system built in by default. We do recommend using a plugin to manage your ban system if you are running a server that has access to plugins. 

  • /ban {username}: Ban a player from your server. 
  • /ban-ip {IP address}: Ban all players using an IP address from your server. 
  • /kick {username}: Kick a player from your Minecraft server. 
  • /pardon {username}: Unban a player from your server. 
  • /pardon {IP address}: Unban an IP address from your server.
  • /banlist: See a list of all the player and IP addresses that are banned from your server.
  • /clear {username}: Clear a player’s inventory. This is great for when a player has glitched items.

🧑 Player Management

These commands manipulate different things about the players on your server. 

  •  /xp add {username} {amount of levels} levels: Add a certain amount of XP levels to a player. 
  • /xp remove {username} {amount of levels} levels: Remove XP level from the player specified.
  • /kill {target/username}: Kill the specified entity on your server. This works on players and mobs. 
  • /tp {username} {coordinations}: Teleport a player to specific coordinates. 
  • /tp {username} {username}: Teleport the first specified player to the second. 

⚒️ Item Commands

Commands that allow you to add and change items on your server. 

  • /enchant {enchantment} {level}: Add an enchantment to the item currently selected in your hotbar.
  • /give {username} {item} {amount}: Give a player an item in the amount specified in the command.  

💬 Chat Commands

These commands involve players talking to each other in chat. 

  • /msg {username(s)} {message}: Send a chat message directly to another player. Only the specified player can see the message. 
  • /me {message}: Displays a message in chat in a different format than other messages. The format is as follows. The command “/me is going to mine diamonds” would display in chat as “Username is going to mine diamonds.”

🌎 Other Commands

  • /seed: Print the seed of your Minecraft server in chat. You can click to copy it.
  • /time set {day, night, noon, midnight}: Change the time of the day to the specified time. 
  • /weather {clear, rain, thunder}: Change the weather to the type specified.  

Paper/PurPur Specific Comands

The commands listed here are only compatible with Paper and PurPur servers. These focus on lag management.

  • /tps: Running the TPS command will give you a quick look at the Tick Per Second of your server. 20TPS is perfect for a Minecraft server. 
  • /spark profiler start: This will start a profile of your server. Once stop, this will generate a report in which you can use to see how your server is using resources. 
  • /spark profiler stop: Running the paste command after turning timings on will paste a link in chat that only can see. Going to this link will give you the timings report. 

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