How to Teleport Players on a Minecraft Server

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When managing a Minecraft server, there are times when you need to bring players together, separate them, quickly teleport to someone needing help, or make navigation easier for users. The easiest way to do this is by utilizing the teleport command. 

👋 Before You Begin...

Players must have OP (operator permissions) in most servers to use the teleport command. However, permission requirements vary depending on the server's configuration. 


Read our guide here on how to OP yourself on your Minecraft server if you need more help! 😃

📝 Quick Note: Starting in Java Edition 1.13+, '/tp' and '/teleport' work the same way. If your server is running 1.13 or higher, you can use 'TP' or 'Teleport.' 

⚡️ In-Game Commands

Teleport One Player to Another

Scenario: A moderator on your server needs to teleport to another player. 

  • /teleport <player1> <player2>
    • Player1 will be Teleported to Player2
    • Example: '/teleport Notch Dinnerbone'

Teleport Player to Specific Coordinates

Scenario: A player loses their house and needs to be teleported back to specific coordinates. 

  • /teleport <player> <x> <y> <z>
    • A player will be teleported to specific coordinates listed after their name.
    • Example: '/teleport Notch 2157 59 -976

⌨️ Console Commands

When using the console to run commands on your Minecraft server, remember that you cannot use the '/' before the command as you would in-game. 


An example of a console command would be:

teleport Notch 8962 12 -983

Teleporting players on a Minecraft server can be a useful tool for server management, whether to enhance gameplay, solve in-game issues, or foster server community. With these steps, you're now able to teleport players around your Minecraft server efficiently. 

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