How To OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server

3 min. readlast update: 10.23.2023

One of the first things you will want to do after you get a Minecraft server is give yourself Operator permissions. This is the same thing as enabling cheats on your server and will allow you to access all commands. 

📑 This is important because it will allow you to manage your server easier in-game. 

What does getting Operator on your Minecraft server mean? 

By getting OP on your Minecraft server, you get full access to all of the commands your server offers.

For example, with Operator, you will be able to change your gamemode, teleport, access plugins, and more, all without using the console or leaving the game. 

Additionally, most plugins give operators all permissions meaning you won’t need to add permissions in a permissions plugin if you are an Operator. 

How To OP Yourself on A Minecraft Server

Step 1: Logging Into The Game Panel

In order to OP yourself on your server, you will need to access the server’s control panel

Once you are there, you can login and select the server you want to add yourself as an Operator to. 


Step 2: Access The Console

With your sever selected, we can click "Console" in the menu bar. 


The server’s console will now open. This will show all the commands and chat activity on your server. It also allows you to run commands without joining the server. 

This page features your server's performance, allows you to stop, start, and restart your server, and even features your server's IP address. 

Step 3: Running The OP Command

You will see a ‘Type a command...’ box under the console. 

In the box, type the command OP YourUsername. Notice that no / is needed. This is only the case when running commands via the console. 


When you hit enter with the command, you will get a message in the console that says "Made YourUsername a server operator". This is how you know the command has worked and you are now OP’d. 


Step 4: Using OP Commands In-Game

You can now use any permission-controlled commands in-game freely. A good way to test this is to run the /gamemode creative command. If you go into creative mode, you are OP’d. Change your gamemode back to survival with the /gamemode survival command. 

Can you OP Someone while playing on your server?

Yes, you can OP someone using the /OP {Username} command as long as the person running the command already has Operator permissions. 


If they don’t have OP permissions, they will need to use the console to give other players Operator. 

Who should get OP on a Minecraft server? 

We recommend only giving people OP permissions if you complete trust them. 

🚩 Remember that OP’d players can ban people from your server, and even run the /stop command to stop your server. Thus, only give this permission to people you know won’t abuse it.  

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