How to Make a Better Minecraft 4 Server (BMC4 Server)

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This guide will walk you through the steps on how to set up a server for the BMC4 modpack! This is one of the most popular Minecraft modpacks out there, and with that it, making a Better Minecraft 4 server is important if you want to pay BMC4 with you're friends. Let's jump into it!

🛑 For BetterMC 4 to work properly, you'll need at least an 8GB server!

Installing the Modpack through CurseForge.

ℹ️ To install BMC4 to your Minecraft client, you will need CurseForge. Please check our article for how to download and use CurseForge here.

Step 1: Search for BMC4 on the CurseForge app

Our first step will be to find BMC4 on the CurseForge app, which can be done by going to Minecraft -> Browse, then typing "BMC4" in the search bar.

Step 2: Install BMC4 through CurseForge

Installing modpacks through CurseForge is easy! Just click the install button and the app will automatically create a new profile with this modpack installed!

ℹ️ This will install the latest release version of the modpack. If you wish to install a specific version, click on the modpack and go to the "Versions" tab to download an older version.

Step 3: Verify the installed version

Once your modpack is done downloading, you may find it in the "My Modpacks" tab in CurseForge. There, the installed version will be shown on the top right, along with what mod loader the pack uses. In our case, this will be Forge. Keep this in mind as it will be used later.

Installing BMC4 to Your Server

Our next steps will show how to install BMC4 into our server.

Step 1: Log into your game panel

For these next steps, we'll need to be logged in to our server panel. Simply click the link above and use your login credentials to gain access to your server!


Step 2: Navigate to the Modpacks tab

Every modpack supported by our one-click modpack installer will be found in the Modpacks section of our panel. BMC4 is one of them! Simply click the Modpacks tab, and you'll be directed to the hub of all of our modpacks!

🛑 Before installing any modpacks, you must uninstall any modpack that is currently installed. If you notice a section at the top of the Modpacks tab indicating that a modpack is installed, click the Uninstall button. 

Step 3: Using the search bar, search for BMC4 in the CurseForge tab

Much like how you did with CurseForge, all you'll have to do is use the search bar to search for "BMC4". Make sure you're looking for it through the CurseForge section, otherwise it likely won't appear!

Step 4: Install the same version you installed from CurseForge

Now, select which version you installed earlier to CurseForge. The versions available can be found through the dropdown menu next to the install button. Once you have selected the version you wish, simply press the install button! If you get a new popup indicating that you may lose files during the installation, simply press Yes.

ℹ️ Don't see your version? No worries! You can also install versions new and old manually following this guide!

⚠️If you do not install the same version on both sides, you will not be able to join the server!

The installer will run afterward. The process may take a few minutes to complete, but once it is done, you will see information regarding the installed modpack at the top of the page.

Step 5: Launching the server

Next, we'll go ahead and start the server up! Simply go back to the console tab and press the start button!

This may take a moment for the server to start up for the first time with a fresh modpack, but once the server is marked as online, you and your friends will be able to join using the IP address in the top right of the Console tab in the game panel!

⚠️If the server fails to start, or if you or your friends are unable to join the server after following the steps above, please reach out to us on our live chat system on the bottom right of your screen for assistance!

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