How To Change the Seed on a Minecraft Bedrock Server

3 min. readlast update: 11.30.2023

This is our complete guide on changing the seed on your Minecraft Bedrock Edition server. It will allow you to use any seed that you want on your server giving you full customization of the Minecraft world you play! 

⚠️ Warning! You must delete your old world in order to change to a new seed. You can make a locked backup if you want to keep your current world and change your seed.

Quick Guide

  1. Access the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel
  2. On the console tab click "Stop" to stop your server. 
  3. Click on the "File Manager" tab in the menu bar. 
  4. Select the "" file. 
  5. Find the "level-seed=" option. 
  6. Add your seed next to this setting. 
  7. Click the "Save Content" button in the top right. 
  8. Go back to the "File Manager" tab
  9. Delete the "worlds" folder by clicking the three dots next to it, selecting "Delete" and then confirming you want to delete it with the "Delete" button. 
  10. Go back to the "Console" tab and click "Start" to start your server with your brand-new seed!

Step 1: Access The Control Panel

First things first, you will need to login to the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel, and then, from there, select the server that you want to change your Minecraft Bedrock seed on. 


Step 2: Preparing Your Server for A New Seed

Now, you will want to go to the "Console" tab. Then, click the "Stop" button on the Console page to stop your server. 


At this point, we recommend finding or getting the Minecraft seed you want to add to your Bedrock server. This will be used in future steps. 

Step 3: Accessing The File

With your server stopped, we need to access the "File Manager". Just click the File Manager option in the menu bar. 


The next step of changing your seed is opening the "" file. This is in the File Manager, and you can just click on the file to open it and start editing it. 


Step 4: Changing The Level Seed

Once you have opened the file, find the "level-seed=" setting. 

Add your new server seed next to the "level-seed=" option.


After you have added your seed, make sure to click the "Save Content" button in the top right of the File Manager.


Step 5: Removing the "worlds" Folder

Once you have added your seed to the file, click on the "File Manager" tab again. 


From there, we need to delete the old world on your server. Just click the three dots next to the "worlds" folder and click "Delete". 


A confirmation box will appear. Click the "Delete" button in this pop-up confirmation, and your old world will be deleted allowing a new world to generate with your new seed. 


Step 6: Restarting The Server

The last step of adding a seed to your Minecraft Bedrock server is returning to the "Console" tab. 


Lastly, on the console tab, just click the "Start" button to start your server. It will generate a new world with your newly added seed!


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