How To Ban and Unban Players on a Minecraft Server

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With managing a Minecraft server, it’s only a matter of time before you want to ban a player. Whether you’re banning a friend as a joke or a bad actor on your public server who keeps destroying builds, the time will come. 

With that, knowing how to ban and unban players on a Minecraft server is important. 

Also, in order to use these commands in-game, you or the player using them will need OP permissions. They can also be executed from the console or in-game by an OP'd player. 

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Banning Players

To ban a player in-game, you can use the /ban {Username} command. Ensure that you are adding the username of the player you want to ban. 

Example of Banning a Player 👇

/ban JohnSmith123 

After this command is executed, the specified player will be kicked from the server, and they will not be able to rejoin until they are unbanned. 

Unbanning Players 

To unban a player in-game, the /pardon {Username} command can be used. Again, you will need to replace the username with the username of the player you want to unban. 

/pardon JohnSmith123

As soon as the pardon command is executed, the unbanned player will be able to join the server again.

Banning IP Addresses 

In some cases, banning a player by their username may not be enough, especially if they create new accounts or use alternate accounts to bypass the ban. In such situations, banning the player's IP address can be more effective.

💎 Note: Issuing an IP ban does require getting the IP address of the player whose IP you want to ban. This can be found in the server console. 

Once you have the IP address, simply issue /ban-ip {ipaddress} command to prevent any players using that IP from joining. 


You can unban IP addresses using the /pardon-ip {ipaddress} command.


Quicklist of Ban & Unban Commands 

  • /ban {username}: Ban a player from being able to join your server.
  • /pardon {username}: Unban a player. This will let them join the server again.
  • /ban-ip {ipaddress}: Ban any players trying to join with the specified IP address.
  • /pardon-ip {ipaddress}: Unban an IP address allowing any players with that IP address to join again.  


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