Why is My Server Showing As Suspended?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You went to join your server, and it is offline. You logged on to the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel, and your server is showing as suspended. What is causing this? 

➡️ Servers go suspended when the payment has lapsed. Fixing this is really simple. All you need to do is pay your invoice, and your server will instantly be reinstated.

How To Unsuspend Your SimpleGameHosting Server

To unsuspend your server, you just need to pay your most recent invoice. Here's a quick guide!

  1. Login to the SimpleGameHosting Billing Area.
  2. Click the "Invoices" button on the Dashboard. 
  3. You will see the invoice that has the "Unpaid" status. 
  4. Select this invoice. 

After the invoice is selected, click the payment method you want to use and go through checkout. As soon as it is complete, your server will unsuspend. You will need to go back to the Game Control Panel and start your server for it to be back online. 


What Happens if My Server is Suspended?

When your server first suspends, it just freezes. It's no longer joinable, and you cannot access it. All of your files are safe. 

After 7 days of being suspended, your server will be terminated and all files will be lost.

If the unpaid invoice is paid within 7 days after your server is suspended, the server will automatically unsuspend, and all data will remain as long as future invoices are paid. If they are not paid, the server will resuspend when the next invoiced payment is missed. 

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