How To Use a MySQL Database with Your Minecraft Server

3 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

Using a MySQL server with a Minecraft server can be a great way to quickly and efficiently store large amounts of data.

It can also be very useful in transferring and syncing data between multiple servers. This can include permissions, economy balances, auction houses, and even inventories. There truly are thousands of plugins that use MySQL for tons of different things in regards to Minecraft servers. 

Step 1: Logging Into The Control Panel

First things first, you will need to access your server via the SimpleGameHosting Control Panel


Once you have logged into the control panel, select the server's whose database you want to access. 

Then, click on "Databases" in the menu bar. We can now move on to create your MySQL database.


Step 2: Creating Your MySQL Database

To create your database, click the "New Database" button. 


A dialogue box where you can name your database. We recommend leaving the "Connections From" box blank. From there, click "Create Database". The database will then appear as it has been created.


Step 3: Getting The MySQL Information

To view all of the information about your database, click the Eye icon that is on the left-side of it. This will open all of the information from your database including the IP/endpoint, username, and password. 


All of this information will be needed later in order to use your database with Minecraft plugins as well as manage it. 


Step 4: Managing Your Database with PHPMyAdmin

In order to manage your database, you will need to access it via PHPMyAdmin. This can be done by clicking the little ship icon next to the "New Database" button. Doing so takes you to PHPMyAdmin.


On PHPMyAdmin, you can use the login information you found in step three to login and see your database. 

From here, you can create tables, view existing tables, and even export your data. 


Step 5: Using Your MySQL Database with Plugins

The primary reason for using MySQL with a Minecraft server is for plugins. It is a much more efficient way to to store your servers data, and it can allow multiple servers to sync data and talk to each other. 

📝 Every plugin is different, but no matter what, you will need the username and password found in Step 3 to login. You may also need to set MySQL to "true" in the servers config as well as create a Database Name, and Table Prefix or name. 

Again though, every plugin is different when it comes to using MySQL, so finding a tutorial for the specific plugin you are installing may be a good idea.

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