How to Setup LiteBans with MySQL on a Minecraft Server

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Setting up LiteBans on your Minecraft server using MySQL requires a few additional steps compared normal. Mainly, this article will focus on the database and plugin configuration for LiteBans for Minecraft. Here's how to set up LiteBans on a Minecraft server using MySQL. 

🛑 LiteBans requires you to set your server version to PurPur, Paper, or another Spigot fork. Without a server version with plugin support, this will not work. Read more about switching server versions. 

Step 1: LiteBans for Minecraft

📌 LiteBans is a paid plugin for Minecraft. We recommend only downloading from the official source.  

Download LiteBans on SpigotMC

Once you have downloaded LiteBans from an official source, you will need to add it to your Minecraft server. The easiest way to do this is to use the File Manager built into the SimpleGameHosting Panel. 

Adding LiteBans to Your Server

Navigate to and log in to your account. From here, access your server and open the File Manager in the top menu bar. 

In the File Manager, locate the Plugins folder. Now, drag and drop the LiteBans.jar file from your computer into the File Manager to upload it. 

Head back to the Console page on the Panel, and hit the Restart button in the terminal/console window to restart your server. This will add some configuration files to your plugins folder. 

⚡️ Need more help? View our full guide on adding a plugin to your Minecraft server

Step 2: Create a New Database

Now, it's time to set up a new database for your server. While still on the SimpleGameHosting Panel, head to the Databases page in the menu bar. 


Hit the Create Database button, and give the new database the name "LiteBans" or something similar. 


Leave the Connections From box blank, and hit Create Database. 

Once the Database is created, you should see a new one listed. On the new database you created, hit the eye icon to display the database credentials. Make a note of these for later.


Step 3: Configuring LiteBans Plugin

🚦 To complete this step, you will need the following information from the Database page on the Panel: 

  1. Database Name
  2. Database Username
  3. Database Password
  4. Database Endpoint

Navigate back to the File Manager on the Panel. From here, open your Plugins folder and find the folder (NOT the .jar file) for LiteBans. 

The file path at the top of the File Manager should read: 


 From here, open the file named config.yml. We'll focus primarily on the 'SQL' section of this config file. These are the items you need to change. Do not change any other lines other than the ones shown.

driver: MariaDB

address: Shown as 'Endpoint' in Database

database: Name Shown in Database

username: Shown in Database

password: Shown in Database


Be sure to input the correct information shown in the Database. Remember, you can navigate to the Database page on the Panel and hit the eye icon to view this information. 

Hit the Save button on the config editor, and restart your server.

You now have LiteBans with MySQL working on your Minecraft Server! Be sure to reach out to our Live Chat support any time if you have questions about setting up LiteBans or other plugins that require MySQL on your Minecraft server. 

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