How to OP a Player on a Minecraft Bedrock Server

2 min. readlast update: 11.30.2023

Here is a quick guide on how to OP a player on a Minecraft Bedrock Server with SimpleGameHosting. This will allow you to enable and use cheats on your Minecraft Bedrock server accessing commands and cheats.

Step 1: Access your SimpleGameHosting Panel

In order to OP yourself on your server, you will need to access the server’s control panel. Login to the control panel and select your server. 


Step 2: Click on the "Settings" Tab

Once you have accessed the control panel, click on the "Settings" tab a to the top.


Step 3: Enable Cheats

Find the "Allow Cheats" setting and click the toggle to turn it on


Step 4: Restart the Server

Go back to the "Console" tab. Click "Restart" to ensure that cheats are enabled.  


Step 5: OP'ing the User

Make sure you or the user you are OPing is connected to the server. Then, in the Console's text box, type the following command and hit enter: op "USERNAME" 

🛑 IMPORTANT: The user you are OP'ing must be online and connected to the server. If they are not, the command will not work.
One Last Thing: Be sure to put the username in quotation marks (""), otherwise it will not work

The user should now be OP'd on your SimpleGameHosting Minecraft Bedrock server. If you have any questions about your server or need additional support, reach out to our Support Team

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