How to Make Your Minecraft Bedrock Server Private (Whitelist/Allowlist)

3 min. readlast update: 11.30.2023

 Making a Minecraft server private is actually very easy when you purchase your server with SimpleGameHosting. 

First things first, though, you will need to be OP’d on your Minecraft server in order to run these commands and make your server private from in-game. 

Otherwise, you can use the commands in your server’s console in order to make it private. 

🛑 Before you begin: If the username you're adding to the whitelist/allowlist has a space in their username, you will need to place the username in "" when adding. Example: /allowlist add "Patrick Fassler"

Allowlisting Your Minecraft Bedrock Server

By allowlisting a Minecraft server, you are making it to where only the players you have given specific permission to can join the server. Unless you want anyone to be able to join your Minecraft server, we recommend allowlisting every Minecraft server.  

Step 1: Turn On Allow-List

We have to turn on allow-list in server properties, here's how to do that:

First, go to the File Manager on your panel


Then locate the "" file


Open it up and find "allow-list" and change it from false to true


Click "Save Content" at the top right then return back to the console tab

Finally, hit restart on your server to apply the changes


Step 2: Adding Players to The Allowlist

With the allowlist enabled, you can add you and your friends to the allowlist with the allowlist add {Username} command.

✍️ Each player must be added to the allowlist one-by-one. You will also need to know a player’s username in order to add them to the allowlist.

Step 3: Viewing The Allowlist

After you have added players to the allowlist, the allowlist list command can be run in order to see what players have been allowed. 


Step 4: Managing Your Allowlist

Lastly, it is worth mentioning how you can manage your allowlist. There are two commands that can help with this. 

allowlist off will turn the allowlist off and let anyone join your Minecraft server as long as they have the IP address. 

allowlist remove {Username} will remove the specified user from the allowlist meaning they will no longer be able to join the server. 

Who can allowlist a Minecraft server?

Anyone who has OP permissions or console access can add and remove players from the allowlist on your Minecraft server. 

Quicklist of Allowlist Commands

  • allowlist on: Turns on the allowlist/whitelist on your server.
  • allowlist off: Turns off the allowlist/whitelist on your server
  • allowlist add {username}: adds players to your server’s allowlist.
  • allowlist remove {username}: Removes players from your server’s allowlist.
  • allowlist list: Allows you to view all allowlisted players in chat.   
  • allowlist add "Username With Spaces": Allows you to add a username with spaces in the name.
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