How to Join a Modded Minecraft Server

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In this guide, we will show you to join your modded Minecraft server. This includes installing a modpack on your server. 

Checking Which Version and Mods are on Your Server

The most important step to joining a modded server is to check which version your server is running, as well as what mods are currently present. Both of these MUST match in order to join a modded server, and if they don't, you won't be able to join!

If you've installed a modpack onto your server using the modpack installer, the process is as simple as checking what modpack is installed on your server. To check, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your server panel

Step 2: Navigate to the Modpacks tab

Step 3: Find the Installed modpack

ℹ️ Your modpack can be found in the red bar just under the panel tabs. If you don't see it, you haven't installed a modpack through the installer!

Once you have your server's modpack and version, you'll want to install that same modpack and version to your Minecraft client. The easiest way to do so is typically by using the same mod manager you downloaded from in the modpack installer (i.e CurseForge for modpacks from CurseForge, FTB for FTB modpacks, etc.). You should always check which version of a modpack you have installed in whichever mod manager you use, just to be safe!

Connecting To Your Server

Once you've installed the modpack onto your client, you're ready to join your server!

Step 1: Get your server address from your server panel's console tab

Step 2: Once you've loaded Minecraft with your server's modpack, go to the Multiplayer tab

ℹ️ Some modpacks may rename the Multiplayer tab or have different layouts and styles! Regardless, the steps will be the same! For this example, I've used the Pixelmon Modpack

Step 3: Click Direct Connect, then paste your server address into the server address box

Custom Mods/Modpacks

⚠️ While the process of joining a server with custom mods/modpacks installed is the same, custom or manual installations of mods and modpacks require coordination and communication between you and your friends, as the server will not report what mods/modpack you have installed through the modpacks tab. That being said, always ensure that you provide your friends with the exact modpack that you've installed to the server! If you are playing with individual mods, be sure to send them the same mods so that they can join!

Everyone who joins your server will need the mods insalled in their local mods folder in addition to you having them insalled on the server. 

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