How to Change the Name of a Minecraft Server

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Maintaining a well-organized and easily navigable control panel is an important aspect of managing your Minecraft servers. Whether you're overseeing multiple servers or want a more descriptive name for your server, knowing how to change the internal name of your server can significantly help save time. This guide will walk you through the steps of changing your server's name within the SimpleGameHosting control panel, making server management simpler and more efficient.  


It's important to note that this guide is for altering the internal name of your server as it appears on your SimpleGameHosting panel/dashboard. This is not the same as changing the public-facing name that players see in the "Play Multiplayer" section of the Minecraft game client. The internal server name is only visible to you and anyone with access to your SimpleGameHosting control panel. Only players can change the name that appears in the Multiplayer section of their client. 

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Changing Your Minecraft Server Name

Step 1: Access the SGH Control Panel

To change the internal name of your Minecraft server, you first need to access the SimpleGameHosting Panel

Open a new tab in your preferred browser and head to:


Enter your login info in the provided fields and click "Login" to load your dashboard. 

👋 Quick Note: If you didn't receive a signup email after purchasing your server, reach out to our Live Chat Support on our website. 

After you've logged in to the panel, you'll be presented with the dashboard. Here, you'll be able to see the name and information of each of your servers. Click "Manager Server" underneath the server you want to change the name of first. 


ğŸ”Ž If you don't see your servers, make sure you enable the "Showing Other Servers" toggle in the top-right corner of the page. 

Step 2: Open Settings Page

Now that you've landed on the Server Console page navigate to the "Settings" tab in the menu bar. 


From here, you will see a page with your server details. This is where you can change the internal name of your Minecraft server as well as the internal server description. 

To change the name of your server, change the text in the field under "Server Name" on the right side of the page. You can also change your internal server description here if you wish to do so. 


After you've changed the name of your Minecraft server, hit the save button. 

Step 3: Confirm Name Change

Once you hit save, your changes should be set. If you want to confirm that the changes were saved, head back to the "Console" page in the menu bar. Your new server name should appear above the console/terminal window. 


Your server name will also now display on the Servers page you're directed to upon login. 

🤔 Not working? If you're having an issue with changing the internal name of your Minecraft server on the SGH Panel, reach out to our Live Chat support for help.

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