How to Add Voice Chat to Your Minecraft Server

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In this guide, we will show you how to add Voice Chat to your Minecraft server! This will allow for things like proximity chat to be active on your server as well! 

⚠️ Note: You will need an additional port assigned to your server in order to use Voice Chat. To get a port, you will need to reach out SimpleGameHosting support by opening a ticket or contact SimpleGameHosting via Live Chat in the bottom right of each page on the site. This is provided free of charge, but must be assigned to your server by our support team.   
👋 One more thing! These are not server side only mods/plugins, you will need to have them installed locally as well for them to function. Click here to download the Voice Chat Mod. 

Step 1: Upload the Mod/Plugin to Your Server

Simple Voice Chat Forge/Fabric Download:

Simple Voice Chat Plugin Download:

If you're using Forge, upload the mod into your mods folder.



If you're using Paper/Purpur, upload the plugin into your plugins folder.



Step 2: Restart the Server

Restart your server to activate the mod/plugin, then locate the "voicechat" folder.

For mods, it will be in the "config" folder.



For plugins, it will be in the plugins folder.



Step 3: Edit the

Find the in the voicechat folder and open it.


Once you open the properties file, you will need to assign the new port in the "port" section.


Once change the port, save the contents then restart the server by clicking the "Restart" button on the Console page. 

You're finished with installing it to the server! 

Installing VoiceChat locally

You will only need Forge or Fabric, no need to install both.

Install Forge

Install Fabric

Download the mod

🔗 You can download the Simple Voice Chat mod here: 

If you're running Forge, download VoiceChat for Forge

If you're running Fabric, download it for Fabric

Installing VoiceChat to the Mods Folder 

Navigate to your searchbar and type in %appdata% and click on the folder

Find the .minecraft folder and open it up

Locate the mods folder. If you don't have one, right-click, create folder, and name it mods

Add in the VoiceChat Forge file if you're running Forge

Add in the voicechat Fabric file if you're running Fabric

That's it! Start your minecraft running the Forge or Fabric instance and the mod will be loaded in!

👋 If you have any questions about your server or need additional support, reach out to our Support Team!   
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